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Unfortunately the original announcement was lost due to data corruption. Liquipedia has great record:

Midas Mode is a new game mode developed by Moonduck. The concept was first announced in February 2017 and the first iteration of the tournament was held in November 2017. 8 teams from North America and Europe participated.


  • Four North American and four European teams are split into two separate divisions
  • Each division plays a Bo3 round-robin in group stage:
    • Last placed team will be eliminated
    • Top seed qualifies directly for the Grand Finals
    • The remaining two teams play an extra Bo3 series for the final spot in the Grand Finals
  • Tie-breaker rules:
    1. Number of games won
    2. Most Moonbucks


Basic rules:

  • Each team starts the tournament with 7,500 M
  • Things that cost M
    • Picking or banning a hero
      • Their price is based on factors such as popularity and win rate
      • The cost changes match by match
    • Pausing
    • Choosing side (Blind Auction)
  • Things that give M
    • Randoming
    • Passing on bans
    • Completing bounties
      • Every day the community suggests challenges
      • Awards are doubled if the game is won
    • Betting on the matches in the other bracket (max bet of 500 M)
  • Running out of M has a number of penalties
    • Teams can only pick the cheapest heroes
    • Cannot ban heroes, choose sides or pause the match