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Moonduck and Chill: Shanghai Major Qualifier Coverage

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Welcome to the "Moonduck and Chill" coverage event for the shanghai major discussion post! We are trying some new stuff no other studio has attempted before, so read up if your interested! You can find more information at the website here What is "Moonduck and Chill"? The idea is simple: the qualifiers are all about the community coming together to compete and have fun, so why not let actual people from the community have some fun? Rather that strict casting the moonduck crew will all be together watching the games and commenting on them much like a "couch stream". Unlike a couch stream however, anyone is invited. and by anyone we mean anyone. Here are our three focuses with qualifier coverage community quality fun and interaction*


Currently we have about 20 people from the community that have agreed to moonduck and chill, and any personality that wants to stop by and chill can by simply pinging us on skype (or tweeting us @moonducktv). No time commitments, no set schedule (except for us on moonduck who will always have up to 2 people there controling the stream) and no holds bar. It dosnt matter if you are a good caster, all we want is for you to come on down chill out and talk some doto. AND THAT INCLUDES YOU as we will have raffles to allow random subscribers from the twitch to have a chance to chill for a game and talk some doto All you need to come on the coverage is a teamspeak and a microphone. If you have a green screen with webcam we will also put you on the screen with us. Overall, we are hoping to get as many people together from the community as possible because thats what dota 2 is all about. the community having fun and watching dota 2.


For those more interested in the traditional cast, We've got you covered! through the help of PGL, known mainly for being such cool and good looking people. like seriously why won't they adopt me cool and raise me like one of their own. Some of our casters will nip out of the chill stream to provide english coverage via DotaTV. So, if you're interested in following your faovrite heroes & teams throughout the Qualifier in the Dota 2 client, but still want the commentary! Be sure to find us in-game under 'English coverage - Powered by PGL

Fun and Interaction

Dota is about the community and fun, so we are ready to have some. Not only will we have our patented "virtual couch" but we also have thought of a few things to throw into the mix to spice the coverage up. Here are SOME examples-we have a ton in store!


  • The Punishment Wheel: Whoever has the worst prediction from the last game must spin the wheel, and heed its demands. Wheel punishments include but are not limited to: Cast a game ending every sentence with a appropriate twitchchat emote. Cast a game as Tobi Wan. "Twitch chat's choice". Sing everything you say when casting. ect.
  • karaoke if your predicted team loses
  • Quiplash and story time in-between games
  • Twitch Chat Choice
  • Memes that arnt from 3 years ago


As we said before, we want to extend a invite to the community to come and chill with us for the qualifiers (and random people can win spots as well-the only reason we are doing subscribers is to attempt to weed out the trolls) but we also have several other ideas to directly interact with the viewers.

  • join the cast by subbing and winning the raffle or by pinging us on Skype or twitter
  • In stream Q and A: Our mods will be surfing the chat when we activate the Q and A period looking for good questions during the game. If you have a good question or comment, it will appear on the screen for the casters to read and talk about.
  • Voting for new events, punishments, and the End of Qualifiers Awards show.


So if you guys want to come and hang out with us and have some fun, please join us on our twitch from today January 6th-January 10th. We will be preparing today by having a episode of whattheduck and then 5 man stacking some pub doto all day today until coverage starts. Lets have fun, meet some new people, and watch some kick ass dota!

TL:DR Moonduck T.V. is having a virtual couch stream were anyone is invited and there will be fun activities with twitch chat. Watch it or die. No ads during entire event