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AnneeDroid and MotPax Join MoonduckTV

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Today we are excited to announce the addition of Annie 'AnneDroid' LeClair and Trent 'MotPax' Mackenzie to the Moonduck Studios & Agency.

Annie 'AnneeDroid' LeClair

Though relatively new to the professional Dota 2 casting scene, Annie has been following Dota for over 4 years. Her journey into commentary started at the beginning of 2015, and she hasn't looked back since. She's attended several events as a spectator, including TI4 and ESL New York 2015, but found her break out moment at the recent TI6 Qualifier Hub at the BTS Studio. Annie received amazing support from the community and is now moving into casting full time. She will be joining the Moonduck team as a lead play by play commentator.

Find her on twitch at:

Trent 'MotPax' Mackenzie

Hailing from the Eastern territory of Nova Scotia, Trent will be the first Canadian to join the Moonduck team. MotPax has been playing Dota since 2013, but started his career as talent as the lead stats person for HighgroundTV. His skillset has since evolved from in-game stats to working the mic as an analytical co-caster and offering statistical analysis for tier 1 teams. You'll often find Trent casting on the Moonduck channel and even writing a few articles when he finds the time for it.

Find him on twitch at:

Today marks a new milestone for all of us at MoonduckTV. Since the project's inception, we have planned to eventually expand the Moonduck umbrella and bring freshblood into the space. We are more than excited to be working with Annie and Trent in helping them develop as talent and find success in their areas of interest. Moonduck is dedicated to creating mobility and financial viability for young talent that are up to the challenge.