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Boston Major Qualifier Coverage on MoonduckTV

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Tonight marks the beginning of the Boston Major Regional Qualifiers, where top teams in every region will battle it out for a shot at the Major coming this December. The next 4 days will have more Dota than any one person can consume, but don't worry- we're here to contribute to the madness.

The Plan

In the stead of coming together in real life for a 24/7 hub, we will providing a remote, collaborative effort across a medley of different streams. The best way to keep track of all the coverage will be to bookmark the MoonduckTV Team Page.

The highlight of our coverage will be our newest team member, @Blitz_Dota, providing casual casting throughout the qualifier accompanied by special guests and professional players. Though we will have several streams providing proper in-game commentary through DotaTV, Blitz will be focusing on his favorite match-ups rather than casting full games.

Blitz and his crew will have priority on the Moonduck Twitch Channel whenever they are awake to cover games; when they are offline, other Moonduck casters will take over with their in-game coverage. Below you'll find a rough outline of our coverage plans and where you can find your favourite Moonduck casters.

The General Schedule

SUNSfan & Moonmeander - America Open Qualifier

Our coverage begins this evening around 7PM EST with @SUNSfan & @Moonmeander casting the semi-finals and finals of the American Open Qualifier.

Zyori & MotPax - EU Group Stage

Next up will be @Zyori & @MotPax, who are slated to provide in-game DotaTV commentary for the EU group stage- a total of 10xBO1's per day of the groups. This coverage begins at 5AM EST each day.

Blitz & Co - EU, NA, & More

Zyori & MotPax will kick off the EU coverage, but once @Blitz and gang of co-commentators are up and ready, they will take over the Moonduck stream. Blitz will be bouncing around between games and regions to bring you a unique perspective on this qualifier tournament.

SirActionSlacks - NA Groups

Court-jester and PUG-Human Hybrid @SirActionSlacks has been slated to provide proper DotaTV coverage for 7 consecutive matches on the first day of the American Regional. His co-casters are unknown, but there's a fair chance Annie may come aboard to rescue him. Begins at 1PM EST.

Chinese Playoffs - MOONDUCK

The playoffs for China have come up all things Moonduck, with combinations of @Maut @AnneeDroid @PurgeGamers and @Blitz providing in-game DotaTV commentary to round our coverage. Begins at 11PM EST on the night of October 29th.

Unfortunately none of our casters were selected to provide official coverage for the SEA region; hence, it is likely to be the region we cover least over the next few days. Sorry to all of our friends in SEA, its just the way the schedule worked out!