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Elimination Mode 2.0 Full Schedule

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Elimination Mode 2.0 is right around the corner! Below you'll find the full schedule and bracket:

11/22 UPDATE: The final three series of Elimiation Mode 2.0 have been scheduled as a triple-header taking place on November 23rd. Between Summit 6, Thanksgiving, and Boston Major preparation we had no other choice but to play all three series on one day.

To make this work, we had to come up with a creative solution for the grand finals. If NP/DC completes the gauntlet and makes it to the grand finals, we will shorten the series to a BO3 and ban additional heroes to make up for it. If NP/DC are unable to reach the finals, it will be a full BO5 series.


November 1st21.00UB Round 1 - AEGcoLBO3
November 1st24.00UB Round 1 - BDCNPBO3
November 2nd17.00UB Round 1 - CLiquidKaipiBO3
November 2nd20.00UB Round 1 - DOGEscapeBO3
November 3rd18.00LB Round 1 - EcoLDCBO3
November 4th18.00UB Round 2 - GEGNPBO3
November 4th21.00UB Round 2 - HKaipiOGBO3
November 5th17.00LB Round 1 - FEscapeLiquidBO3
November 5th20.00LB Round 2 - JNPLiquidBO3
November 6th22.00LB Round 2 - IDCKaipiBO3
November 6th20.00WB Round 3 - KEGOGBO3
November 23rd19.00LB Round 3 - LDCNPBO3
November 23rd22.00LB Round 4 - MOG BO3
November 23rd25.00Grand Finals - NEG BO3/BO5