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Update on Midas Mode

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Hey everyone,

It's been about two months now since we announced the concept for Midas Mode (see announcement) and its about time we post an update on the progress we've made so far.

The biggest hurdle has been scheduling. Originally our aim was to host the inaugural round of this event before TI7; however, there simply isn't enough space on the calendar in the months of June and July. We tossed around the idea of making this happen in May; however, that would not have given us enough runway to do proper testing for a platform this complex.

Aside from development time, Midas Mode needs to be at the right time for teams. Leading up to TI this year we have a gauntlet of T1 events, including: iLeague, Manilla Masters, EPICENTER, The Summit, and TI7 Qualifiers. After this gauntlet is complete, most teams will be in full bootcamp mode preparing for the big event in Seattle. That window before TI is literally the least favorable time for teams to play a goofy game mode that isn't Captain's Mode.

The conclusion here is that we have no choice but to postpone Midas Mode until after TI7 is complete. The tournament calendar in September is already filling up, so we are aiming to hit the ground running between the last week of August and first week of September. Specific dates are still to come.

The plus side to this delay is that we will have even more time to flesh out our psuedo-stock platform and work on a few additional features. Our goal is to make the Midas Mode experience as interactive and detailed as possible without overwhelming spectators and players with too much intricate complexity. This has proven to be quite the undertaking, and having additional time to find that sweet-spot is only a benefit.

We've gotten a ton of feedback from the community, covering just about everything from new bounty ideas to completely different game modes all together. That feedback has been huge. This event would be nothing more than a pipe dream without the massive support we've recieved.

Thank you for being patient- it's worth the wait!