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Dota 2 Player and Personality PUBG Party

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Pubg cover

Moonduck is happy to announce our first PLAYERUNKNOWN Battlegrounds tournament featuring the new Lightning Round game mode and many of your favorite Dota personalities!

Here at Moonduck Studios we have started to notice a strange new sickness among personalities and players alike. During the Kiev Major every single practice room had Dota 2 pros NOT playing our beautiful game they are literally paid to play, but instead they were playing this new hardcore competitive game PUBG, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. While at first we thought the infection was isolated to pro players, we soon witnessed it spread to Dota 2 streamers, including a massive breakout during our recent Moonduck Hub, where several of our talent became obsessed with the game and played for hours in-between shifts together. After so much Dota we’ve become shellshocked and needed to change things up.

Suffice it to say, we believe the best course of action to save the productivity of our dota 2 people and fight the PUBG-itus would be to host a big-ol Moonduck inhouse with players, casters, and personalities from our community. Of course, in typical Moonduck fashion, we won’t be doing just the standard gamemode, we have decided to ramp up the typical PUBG gameplay and premier a brand new mode we have been tinkering with: LIGHTNING ROUND.

Think of it as a vaccine, but instead of giving people a diluted sample of the time eating and productivity killing PUBG virus, we are giving them a steroid infused artificially engineered super plague to fight the sickness. They will survive. Probably.

Lightning Round is a Custom Game Mode of PUBG played as a team of 2 (Duos) with slight tweaks and changes to make the game a little more fast paced. While the game mode is similar to the base game of PUBG these changes make all the difference. Some of these changes include faster play zone progression (the lightning/blue), additional Red Zones and Care Packages and higher spawn rates of certain weapons.

In short, Moonduck Lightning Round is:

  • 1.3x Playzone Progress
  • 5x Redzone Frequency
  • 5x Carepackage Frequency
  • 3s Ressurection Timer instead of 10
  • 3x Amount of Sniper Rifles
  • 2.5x Amount of Assault Rifles
  • No Shotguns or SMGs
  • More Weapon attachments
  • 3x amount of Med-Kits, First-Aid, Painkillers & Energy Drinks
  • 3x amount of Level 3 Bags, Helmets and Armor
  • 1.8x amount of Ammunition

Now don’t forget, this is a field trip for our wonderful dota 2 community to a new game, so we will be inviting a variety of players, casters, personalities, and special guests such as the entire moonduck crew, Admiral Bulldog, SingSing, Blake Martinez, PieLieDie, w33haa, SinnedDonut, Monkeys_Forever, and more! If you are a Dota 2 player or personality, feel free to drop us a tweet and we will get you in there. We are hoping for a full 100 man Dota 2 personality game, so go nuts.


Duos that take first place in any round will be offered 1 large pizza with up to 4 toppings delivered to an address of their choosing.


Catch all the action starting at 12:00 EST/ 18:00 CEST on July 2nd at with Moonduck as your hosts and casters. Who knows, maybe even you will be able to get in on the action?

Thanks for reading and hope to see you there, both in the lanes of dota and the fields of PubG, so we can snipe your head off with our 8x Kar98