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PUBG Lightning Round #4!

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Pubg notes

As the days go by, PUBG grows more and more. Now in its eighth month since early access release PUBG continues to become more complete as a game and as an esport. With this growth means another MoonduckTV Lightning Round.

Lightning Round #4 will elevate PUBG Esports and Custom Matches to another level. We’ve improved both our observing and production which allows us to catch even more of the action across the land of Erangel. Not to mention we will also have more casters and analysts along for the ride as we make our way through 2 Games of Lightning Round Duos and 2 Games of Normal Squad gameplay. Both Duo games will be played on the 1.21 Version of Lightning Round. More information about the Lightning Round patch notes can be found HERE

We’re also excited to introduce some new faces (as always) to the Lightning Round community! If you would like to be involved in Moonduck Lightning Round as a Twitch Community figure please make sure to message @MautDota, @ZyoriTV or @Sajedene on Twitter or sign up on the MoonduckTV discord over at

The action will kick of on October 27th, 2017 at 1 PM EST || 19:00 CEST! Make sure to join us and catch all the action on

Interested in Streaming the action? Players involved in this PUBG Lightning Round are encouraged to stream Moonduck’s Lightning Round to their own personal Twitch channel! Participants must link their stream in the MoonduckTV discord (seen above) and must also enable a delay of AT LEAST 180 seconds (3 Minutes). If you need more information please feel free to contact Maut, Zyori or Sajedene (contact info seen above)