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Andrew “Draskyl” Lee

I yell things about video games

As a former competitor, Andy holds commentary and DotA very dear. His favorite part of Dota is how intricate individual plays can be, and he takes in pride in being able to explain how good a play is and why. People constantly ask him if he cheers for a team, but his answer is always the same- “I don’t cheer for a team, I just cheer for the best DotA possible.” His goal is to always improve as a commentator and a player so he can continue to provide people with knowledge about the game.

Draskyl is an avid streamer, known for his eclectic taste in music and insight into the game. As one of Dota’s most sought after analysts, you’ll often find Draskyl traveling around the world to provide high level insight and commentary for Dota 2 LAN events.


The International 7
August 2017
The Kiev Major
April 2017
The International 6
August 2016
The Manila Major
June 2016
DreamLeague Season 5
May 2016
The Shanghai Major
March 2016
DreamLeague Season 4
November 2015
The Frankfurt Major
November 2015
The International 5
August 2015
The International 4
July 2014
The International 3
August 2013
The International 2
September 2012