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Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins

Helping you gain MMR since 2015

Jenkins first made a splash in the Dota 2 scene in 2014 with his North American squad called Team Leviathan. Known for being one of the scariest Pudge players in the region, he quickly gained a reputation for playing initiators that can ruin enemy squads.

After a topsy-turvy run at playing Dota 2 professionally, Jenkins found a niche for himself creating educational content and guides to help less experienced players improve their skills. He became the face of the popular guide depot called "Pvgna" before moving on to create his own website called

Jenkins is now applying his educational experience to Dota commentary as an analyst. He still maintains a top 200 ranking on the NA ladder and continues to release cutting edge content as the game develops over time.


Galaxy Battles
June 2017