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Travis “Maut” Bueno

Professional Esports Commentator & Observer

Travis has been casting Dota since the TI2 era, beginning with simple DotaTV coverage and growing from there. Known as an expert of North American Dota, Maut received notoriety from his work with two of the most notable NA-oriented tournaments, DotaPit and Canada Cup. When he’s not casting or traveling to a LAN, you’ll often find him watching NEL and getting latest on promising talent in North and South America.

2016 proved to be a big year for Travis as his hard work over the years culminated to his first big stage LAN casting experience at The Manila Major. After earning the nickname Manila Maut he was promptly invited as one of the main stage casters for The International 2016. Paired with LD for the duration of the event, Maut brought the hype and was rewarded with casting the lower bracket finals on the final day of the tournament.

Though Maut is now recognized as a true tier 1 caster, he also moonlight’s as a top tier observer. He’s done dedicated obs work at a number of high profile events, including The Summit 5 and The Manila Major, alongside the most revered observers in the industry.


The Bucharest Major
March 2018
Captain's Draft 4.0 by Events DC
January 2018
Dota Pit Season 6
November 2017
The Kiev Major
April 2017
Northern Arena BEAT Invitational
November 2016
The International 6
August 2016
The Summit 5
July 2016
StarLadder i-League Season 2
July 2016
The Manila Major
June 2016
Captain’s Draft 3.0
February 2016
The Frankfurt Major
November 2015
ESL One New York
October 2015
The Summit 3
May 2015
The International 4
July 2014