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Michelle “Moxxi” Song

Queen of South American Dota

Forged in the flames of amateur Dota 2 leagues, Moxxi has been casting for the every man since 2013. Casting in-houses on her tiny twitch channel, she quickly gained a fanbase for her rapid fire teamfight calls, crisp diction, and extensive breath support. Her big break came in the form of the Moonduck Caster Crucible in 2017, when she joined an acquaintance last minute to compete. Deemed not total garbage, she was invited to partake in future casts for semi-professional tournaments by the Moonduck crew.

Since then, Moxxi has been hired for several DPC online qualifiers run by ESL, PGL, and others. Her biggest claim to fame was providing the in-game coverage for the SA Qualifiers for the International 2018. Nicknamed the “Queen of SA Dota”, she has spent a majority of her time helping to bring awareness of the South American Dota 2 scene to English speaking audiences. She is also invested in helping to elevate the status of female players in a primarily male dominated scene, providing the only English casting of Rainha de Copas, the all female tournament in Brazil.

Constantly hustling, Moxxi strives to improve upon her casting skills and provide the best experience she can for her audience. Passionate about sharing her excitement, she looks forward to branching out into different regions and elevating new teams into the spotlight with her casting.