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Kevin “Purge” Godec

Caster, Player, Coach

Purge has been making instructional content for new Dota 2 players for almost 5 years now. Making a small stint as a professional player and team manager in South Korea, Kevin is no slouch when it comes to actually playing the game. He works hard to maintain an MMR way above 5000 and spends a lot of his time theorycrafting new ideas. He also offers coaching services for mid-tier players that want to push the envelop on their own game.

Aside from traveling the world as a premier Dota caster, Kevin maintains a successful youtube channel featuring his own gameplay with over 350,000 subscribers. He occasionally streams his gameplay live, but he’s most revered by fans for his guide Welcome to Dota, You Suck geared towards players brand new to the game. His loyal fanbase is always hungry for more, as many atest their success in conquering Dota’s steep learning curve to Purge’s video content.


The International 8
August 2018
The Bucharest Major
March 2018
Captain's Draft 4.0 by Events DC
January 2018
The International 7
August 2017
The Kiev Major
April 2017
Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017
April 2017
ESL Genting 2017
January 2017
Northern Arena BEAT Invitational
November 2016
The International 6
August 2016
The Manila Major
June 2016
May 2016
ESL One Manila 2016
April 2016
Captain’s Draft 3.0
February 2016
The Frankfurt Major
November 2015
ESL One New York
October 2015
The International 5
August 2015
Starladder Season 12
April 2015
The International 4
July 2014
The International 3
August 2013
The International 2
September 2012