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Shane “Shaneomad” Clarke

top 400 DOTA player goblin island

Shane is most known in the Dota community for his variety of work as a twitch streamer, analyst, event organizer, and panelist. He first appeared on DreamLeague Season 1, where he started to garner a loyal following in awe of his comedic presentation mixed with detailed insight into the game. After becoming a staple on the DreamLeague cast, Shane was invited cast The International 4 as lead commentator for the newbie stream targeted to inexperienced players.

After The International 4, Shane shifted focus to the Irish Dota scene where he organized a yearly LAN event dubbed "ireLAN" in Dublin. Though the event is known for its casual environment, Shane's friends and loyal following helped make it a memorable event that will return again one day soon. Most recently Shane has continued to find success on his personal Twitch stream, and was chosen as one of the panelists for The International 6 last year.


Captain's Draft 4.0 by Events DC
January 2018
Galaxy Battles
June 2017
The International 6
August 2016
DreamLeague Season 5
May 2016
DreamLeague Season 4
November 2015
DreamLeague Season 3
June 2015
DreamLeague Season 2
November 2014
The International 4
July 2014