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Troels “syndereN” Nielsen

Professional Dota 2 Player, Caster & Analyst

Troels began with DotA more than a decade ago. He started out playing for fun with friends and gradually developed a desire to improve and compete. In 2008, he found his first opportunity to play competitively and played from then through 2013 with some LAN victories, most notably two DreamHacks, as well as winning the qualifiers for The International 2 and The International. After finding success as a player, Troels continued to excel as an expert analyst through his experience as a player.

syndereN was instrumental in the formation of Moonduck Studios, both as a co-founder and expert commentator. After broadcasting some of the most high profile events Dota 2 had to offer throughout 2015, syndereN followed an opportunity to rejoin the battle field as a player and is currently focusing his primary on Escape Gaming. Though he stays busy as the team captain, you may find syndereN co-casting a game or two every so often on MoonduckTV.


The International 8
August 2018
Captain's Draft 4.0 by Events DC
January 2018
The International 7
August 2017
The Kiev Major
April 2017
The Shanghai Major
March 2016
DreamLeague Season 4
November 2015
The International 5
August 2015
The Summit 3
May 2015
Dota 2 Asia Championships
February 2015
The International 4
July 2014
ESL One Frankfurt 2014
June 2014
The International 2
September 2012